Our goal is to inspire all communities of the United Kingdom to integrate and build a strong, resilient and cohesive society.

We want to be a catalyst for change – forcing a synergy amongst our communities and ethnic groups to achieve a harmonious humanity, a true collaboration that goes beyond simply sharing information; focusing on a community’s assets, not its deficits; creating a democratic process in which everyone has a say; taking action that involves social change; and engaging people at a human level.


It’s important to accept and understand that we are not all the same. Our life experiences are different and we do not have equal access to resources and power. But we are also interconnected and interdependent: part of a ‘bigger us’. We believe that the safety of each of us matters to all of us, and strive to come together around shared values of fairness, mutual support, kindness and respect for universal rights.

By encouraging better understanding between communities we can celebrate the contributions all of us make to society. This is essential to building community spirit. People need to be given the space to listen and learn from each other to ensure that all people are able to participate in their communities as equal members of it


We want to see all generations coming together to strengthen their communities. Young learning from old, and vice versa. This helps to build an understanding between the generations and helps young people feel part of their local community, identifying with surroundings and having pride in place.

Communities should be open to all, an inclusive society with no barriers to participation. We want to create opportunities for young people from different cultural backgrounds to interact and create a vibrant, exciting future for themselves.

Celebrating the contributions of others encourages a sense of belonging, a sense of being part of something special. We want to challenge negative stereotypes and create a world where minority communities can be seen and heard. We believe that everyone has a contribution to make.

In all of this, leadership matters. We want to see the emergence of inspirational leaders who can make a difference, sharing their lived experience to improve the lives of others and strengthen their neighbourhoods.

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 

You Can Make A Difference 


We have four key values that guide us in our work:

1. Listening

Enabling people to be heard is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that residents have to best ideas to enable their communities to flourish.

2. Partnership

This is key to everyone thriving and flourishing, as no one person or organisation has all the answers and resources. We are stronger together.

3. Celebrating

Excellent things are happening in communities and we can be a voice to magnify this and share in each other’s achievements.

4. Empowering

People want to be part of making the change happen, so we can provide encouragement, advice and support to help make this happen!

We are all about supporting people and communities to thrive and flourish. We want to encourage the voices of those who most need to be heard and empower individuals and groups to make a difference in the place they live.

By partnering with others, seeking the common good and working for justice and inclusion we can help communities to flourish and allow those who are vulnerable, isolated, and disadvantaged to enjoy life to its fullest.


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